Bicycle Trip

We leave for Yorktown, Virginia in five more days. I am taking my pickup and pulling a little covered trailer that I built. Today I finished painting the trailer and did a few minor things to it, and now it is ready to go across the United States twice, there and back. We are driving straight through, stopping only to eat, get gas, go potty, and stretch our legs for a little bit. The two ladies going are going to fly back, and four guys will drive the pickup back, probably rotating drivers every three or four hours for the approximately 60 hours it will take to drive back East. The trailer will hold six bicycles and some gear. I bought a canopy for my pickup on Craig’s list so that we will put most of our gear in it. I also bought a little RV refrigerator that runs on propane and 12 volts to put in the trailer and built a fold-down shelf that we can put a propane camp stove on.

I plan on losing 40 lbs on the trip and coming home weighing 188 lbs, which I weighed at our wedding 53 years ago. I am sure that everything I need on the trip is packed in three plastic tote boxes. We will leave at 6:00 am on Monday, and start bicycling at 6:00 am on April 28th, Thursday. If everything goes as planned we will be home on June 30th, having ridden 4,000 miles on our bicycles.

7 thoughts on “Bicycle Trip

  1. Wade & Debi Bloecher

    Hi Dee,
    We had contacted you awile back but our email got hacked. This is our new email. Wade leaves for TransAm on Tuesday April 26th and they begin riding on April 28th. He is on crazyguyonabike and through this email. Praying for your drive.

    Wade & Debi


      1. Wade & Debi Bloecher

        That was the original plan but the airlines changed the flight so now they leave on Wednesday.


  2. Wade & Debi Bloecher

    Praying for a safe trip. My husband will be doing same tour starting on the same day. Maybe you will meet.



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