Sauerkraut and Chocolate

I ate a small piece of delicious chocolate tonight and then Sherri brought in a bowl of sauerkraut for me. I love sauerkraut but right after that piece of chocolate it tasted terrible. When the kids were small Patty put a piece of black construction paper in the freezer and when it snowed we took it out and caught snowflakes on it. Because it was cold the snowflakes didn’t melt and because it was black the white snow flakes stood out and it was very easy to see their shapes and designs. Contrast magnifies differences.

One of my regular “lines” to people who complain about life and wonder why God doesn’t make things better is, “ this is life not heaven!” When we get to heaven God will make everything perfect, but now we are on earth living life, and God purposely designed life to be hard, very hard. Because life is hard we grow and when we get to heaven we will be so grateful and thankful to God that we are there, and one of the reasons will be because of the contrast.

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