I was supposed to go fishing on the Siletz river for steelhead today but it got cancelled because of the weather. I am sitting here in my recliner feeling very disappointed that I didn’t get to go fishing. We feel disappointed when what we wanted and expected to happen did not happen. Sometimes our disappointment is because of an event that failed to happen, sometimes it is because an unrealized goal, and sometimes it is because a person failed to do or be what we expected and were planning on.

We all feel negative emotions such as disappointment, sadness, and grief regularly, but when we do we need to manage them. If we let these emotions of loss stay in us we will become pessimists. A pessimist thinks and expects mostly bad things are going to happen, at least not very many good things. Disappointment is painful, and many in their pain management eliminate most dreams, goals, and desires because if they don’t happen there is disappointment, so in their mind it is better not to hope than to be disappointed.

Pessimists are low on fruit-bearing for God, they are low on joy, low on healthy relationships, and they are low on faith.

I have a lot of dreams for the future, I have a lot of goals, and I have high expectations for most of the people in my life, so I experience a lot of disappointment. My desires for the future tend to be intense and passionate so my disappointments are the same.

When I have a disappointment I rejoice over what did happen that was good and what was accomplished, and then I reschedule, set another goal, adjust, or adjust my thinking. Today, I looked at the rain and wind and thought, “boy, I am glad I am not fishing!” Then I started thinking about the next fishing trip coming up.

2 thoughts on “Disapointment

  1. Joyce Conn

    Dee, you amaze me! You have achieved so much for the glory of God. Your life is a living testimony of God’s blessing when you honor him. It is comforting to know I am not the only one who struggles with disappointment though.



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