I do so many things wrong, make so many bad choices, say things that weren’t edifying, spend money on things that I don’t need, get lazy when I should be working hard for the Lord.

Regret by itself is a paralyzing emotion and thought pattern. It makes you feel like a failure, a loser, useless and good for nothing. But regret as a stimulus for other things is highly profitable. One of the most important things for us to do in this life is to grow in character, to become like Jesus. Regret should prompt us to think about and examine our life and to learn. Mistakes are a great source of wisdom if we learn from them. Life long learners and wisdom seekers make the most of every wrong choice they have ever made so they don’t make them again, and they learn from their mistakes.

One of the problems many have is that they never admit that they made a mistake, made a bad choice, sinned, it is the other person. One of the surest ways to stay a fool in life is to blame everyone else for your bad circumstances and relational conflicts.

God is delighted with the person who sincerely, accurately, and humbly examines their own life, owns their mistakes, confesses them to God, apologizes to people, and learns what not to do.

1 thought on “Regret

  1. larry elkins

    Amen to your blog dee.
    as many of you know by now that I am facing, an end of life situation, I am not complaining about that, the thought of going home is very beautiful.
    My greatest regret is that I wasted so many years that I should have taken the opportunities with what talents I have, and we all have them.
    I pray that if your reading this that you dont do what I have done, and face the re gret tht I am, if we just make ourselves available to God he will give us the opportunities to work in tour life, PLAES dont do like I did and wait till you find you may not have much time, Love all of you, LARRY eLKINS



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