Good Grief, Now I Have the COVID

Sherri and Thomas, our daughter and son-in-law, both got covid and are over it, then my wife got it, and has been sick all week, and now she is mostly recovered. But I did’t get it, I figured I was to tough to get it, you know, being an ex-dairy farmer and all.

I, with help of two other guys in the church loaded up four cords of firewood this morning, and dumped it at our house. When I got done with that I was feeling pretty wimpy so I took a nap and woke up with a bad sore throat, a fever, and a terrible taste in my mouth, Wow, I never had that kind of result from doing firewood before. Must be old age. My sore throat got worse quickly so I took a home test and was positive for covid.

Speaking of positive, there are a couple of very positive results from this. I was going to miss both of the NFL playoff games tomorrow because of teaching responsibilities, but now I can watch them while my wife brings me snacks, and occasionally checks to see if I am comfortable bringing another pillow and blanket. She is a very good wife!

The other positive is I should have plenty to blog about for the next couple of days as I work at inventing new and novel ways to conquer COVID.

I have been getting lots of advice on what to do so as to get over it quickly, but I did my old faithful cure for everything, I ate a Haagendouse ice cream bar. I am feeling better already! I am trying to decide now what my dose should be, once a day, twice a day, heck maybe one an hour. I have heard there is no danger of overdosing!

I plan to get in extra Bible reading, scripture memory, and a couple of books read.

Man, I hope I don’t get over this thing to quickly, sounds like I am going to have a lot of fun!

10 thoughts on “Good Grief, Now I Have the COVID

  1. Rosanna Reyes

    You are awesome, Pastor Dee. Prayers for a speedy recovery…you can still eat HD when you are well!
    So glad to hear that everyone else is recovering nicely!

    Take care and get well!




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