My COVID Treatment

I am watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the Cincinnati Bengals, taking my vitamins and meds at appropriate times, an occasional nap at boring times, and eating the famous superfood, popcorn with a cube of melted butter, cures just about anything. I am expecting to be as good as new in a couple of days.

After this game is the San Fransico 49’s playing the Los Angeles Rams. Probably going to need to pop another bowl full of popcorn.

After the games are over I am going out to my shop and work on the mustang for a couple of hours then come in and ride my stationary bike for an hour and read my Bible while I do. I will also get in some good Christian book reading, and some scripture memory. I will set in the hot tub and the sauna before I go to bed.

During the day I will regularly and often take a mental break and thank and praise the Lord for my life, His amazing blessings, and for Him to use me for His glory.

4 thoughts on “My COVID Treatment

  1. carollavon

    Bless you Pastor, you show us how to take hard times and make fun of it all while going through the present testing. “Count it all joy!”


  2. Wayne Beasley

    A wise man once told me that many ailments can be cured with popcorn or ice cream.
    You and I are both living proof of that Rx.



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