Character Traits

It is a fun project to rank yourself on each of these 26 character traits. Go down through the list thinking about each one, thinking about yourself and how you act, and then give yourself a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, 1 being bad and five being good. On the traits that you gave yourself a one on, write out a strategy of how you are going to change and bring them up to a 2.

Another way to do the personal evaluation is to rank the character traits in your life.Take the 26 character traits and put the one you think you are strongest in at the top and the one you are weakest in at the bottom and all the rest somewhere in between. Work on growing stronger in just the bottom one, write out your personal strategy of how to do better in that one and then you can move on to the next on the list and work on it.

  1. Honesty/truthful/Transparent/real
  2. Patience
  3. Thoughtful/Gentle/Gracious
  4. Deference
  5. Humility
  6. Diligence
  7. Self-control
  8. Determination/endurance
  9. Honoring of others/free from a critical spirit
  10. Orderliness
  11. Joyfulness
  12. Contentment
  13. Decisiveness
  14. Faithful/trustworthy/reliable
  15. Morally pure
  16. Teachable/seeker of wisdom/discernment
  17. Forgiveness/ free from all bitterness
  18. Thriftiness/ good stewardship of money and possessions
  19. Flexible
  20. Initiative
  21. Gratefulness/positive
  22. Loyalty
  23. Resourcefulness/creative
  24. Boldness/confidence/ strong sense of self-worth
  25. Toughness/grit/strong/handles pain
  26. Peace/calm/not easily flustered

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