Two are Better than One

Growing to be like Jesus in character is of utmost importance because what we are in character when we die is what we are for ever and ever. You don’t want to be a baby in character when you enter heaven. So discovering principles of optimum growth is super important. A significant principle is that I grow much faster with help than I do by myself, and the most effective help in my life is Patty. God invented marriage as the most powerful tool in his arsenal to cause growth to happen in people. But our pride has the power to completely undo or block all the positive influence that our spouse has in moving us to Christ-Like character. It is impossible to overstate all the negative influence that our pride has on our changing and growing into the image of Jesus Christ. It is easy to determine when our pride is intervening in our pursuit of Christ-like character, we have conflict. Whenever there is conflict there is pride in at least one partner but most often in both, just manifested differently. Those who are serious about growth will do a bunch of self-examination to figure out what happened and how to fix it. A man and a woman living together, raising kids together, managing a house together, managing money together, planning their future together, and working at doing all that in unity will grow very rapidly to be like Jesus in character, that is God’s plan.

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