1948 Old Junker

I am restoring a 1969 mustang with my grandson. When we bought it a couple of years ago, it was a total junker, everything needed to be fixed or replaced. When I go out in my shop to work on it now I have my choice; I can work on the headliner, I can finish putting in the parking brake cables, I can clean and refurbish all the gauges, I can put in the fuel line, I can install the back bumper and valence then install the backup lights, I have all the electrical to do, rebuild the door latches and window cranks, and on the list goes. When it is all finished, it will be a nice car.

I am a total junker, a 1948 junker, everything needs fixed or replaced, and the goal is that I would become like Jesus. I need my self-control to become much stronger, my pride to change to humility, and my patience to increase a lot so that I am not constantly fighting irritation. I need to become much more in control of my time so that I spend my time on important things that have significant eternal results instead of so much playing.

There are 26 character traits that I have identified in the Bible that I need to grow in. My desire is that I become like Jesus in each one of them. Using these various character traits breaks up my pursuit of Christ-like character into pieces that I can attack and can have success in. Some of the things that need done on the car are almost done, but others are just getting started. I have a picture of a 1969 mustang just like ours all finished. It looks beautiful and those who own it are asking $69,000 for it. Wow, whooooeeeeee!

In my life there are areas that I am doing good in, I have grown a lot in becoming like Jesus, but in other areas, I have a lot of work yet to accomplish. As I get up each day I can take my choice on what I am going to work on. It is nice to have a variety of things so that I don’t get bored pursuing the character of Christ, that would be bad.

Right now I am reading about and studying humility and pride in the Bible and in some books that I purchased. I want to conquer all pride in my life and walk with my God in total humility. My, oh my, talk about a junker and a long way to go, this is a major project for sure.

As we pro-actively pursue the character of Christ He will give us the power, the resources, the wisdom, the encouragement, everything we need to grow and change. He wants it in me more than I do and He will mold me like a piece of clay into the image of Jesus as I submit to Him.

I am pretty sure that Isaac and I will finish the mustang before God is finished with me.

1 thought on “1948 Old Junker

  1. Timothy McIlroy

    It’ll take a miracle worker to finish out both the 1948 and the 1969 junker. And then there’s the 1998 speedsters, now those have a lot of pride to get rid of before they can even see the junk. I’m glad I’ve got a humble pastor who can see the fleshy nature we all engage in cause I need to hear about it each and every Sunday:).



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