Ten Million Dollars

If you take one penny and double it for one month, for thirty days you will have over ten million dollars. That seems impossible but that is the power of doubling. If you or I are trying to do something great with our life, there is great power in getting a little bit better everyday. But there is a problem, the doubling phenomena starts out slow. After ten days, one-third of the days and the total is a bit over ten dollars.

In real life people get discouraged with slow starts and quit, if you do that you will miss out on the equivalent of ten million dollars. One of the principles with both Paul and Jesus was that money is around us all the time and it is easy to invest our money and our time.

The key to success is perseverance, going beyond the time of small returns. Endurance and self-control are essential character traits needed to accomplish anything of value. I think the Lord made it that way to separate the champions from the mediocre

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