The Best

It is interesting that the quarterback of the national college football Champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, is ranked 104th in college football quarterbacks; he is an unimpressive 5’11” tall and 190 pounds, was a walk-on and not recruited by any college, and several sportswriters are saying that when he returns to Georgia next year, he probably won’t be the starting quarterback. Stetson Bennet is not your typical National Champion quarterback for sure.

He is one of those guys that work hard every day, never gives up, doesn’t complain, doesn’t insult those who called for his benching most of the season. After his team won the National Championship, and he was awarded offensive player of the game, the people doing the interviews with him tried hard to get him to badmouth his detracters, but he refused. After the game, listening to the coach and players talk about him, it was evident that they immensely loved and respected him.

Next season I am going to pay close attention to Stetson Bennet and the Georgia Bulldogs because I love seeing someone succeed based on character and hard work.

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