Mustang Engine

I am restoring a 1969 mustang with my grandson Isaac. When we get it done, it will be his car. The engine in it is a 250 cubic inch inline-six-cylinder. We bought a rebuild kit with bearings, new valves, camshaft, gaskets, and an oil pump. I purchased a Holley Snyper EFI and a distributor, coil, and computer together as a plug-and-play kit. We worked very carefully on the engine and mounted it on a wooden, home-built engine stand with a radiator and all gauges when we finished the rebuild. Yesterday we held our breath and flipped the toggle switch to start, and it started and runs like a top. Whoooooeeeeee that was a tense moment, but hallelujah it started! Check it out. You may hear a metallic clicking sound when I move to the back of the engine. I put another bolt in the plate behind the fly wheel and the noise went away! Whhhooooeeee

You know God is rebuilding each one of us into the image of Jesus Christ so that we will be like Him in character, but unlike an engine we have to cooperate with God or all His efforts on us won’t work. We need to seek him through Bible reading and prayer, and always rejoice, never complaining or grumbling.

6 thoughts on “Mustang Engine

  1. drc2001

    My son had a 67 Mustang we got in Rogue River. His older brother rebuilt part of the engine with chrome. It is/was beautiful. It was melted while in a container in San Diego County during one of their horrible fires. Sad. (Older brother lives there.) I had a 66 Mustang. New. First new car. It died a ignoble death as well in the hands of a nephew.
    Ron and I have a Mustang. I pray it fairs better. 😉


  2. Timothy McIlroy

    That’s really cool. I hope you get to keep enjoying that hobby. It’s neat how God gives us interests and people that help us recharge and refocus.



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