New Proiect

I have been thinking about what old car or pick-up project I would start n when Isaac and I get this 1969 Mustang finished. I have enjoyed this so much I decided I would do another project for me. I have been checking Craig’s list, Hemming’s Motor news, classic car digest, and eBay for good deals on decent in shape classic vehicles. The other day eBay had an online auction on a 1950 Ford Coupe with a flathead V8 in it. The car was located in Mololla so I wouldn’t have to truck it home so I put in the minimum bid and I was the first bidder so it was pretty low. I expected to get overbid and I kept checking back but no one else bid and I got the car. I wasn’t really planning on buying a car yet, just checking and looking. I had a 1950 Ford coupe in high school, so I have always been partial to them. If you ever watched the old black and white movie, “Thunder Road” with Robert Mitchum you would have seen a 1950 Ford coupe out running all the revenouers as they chased him trying to get the illegal whiskey he was hauling. The 1950 was a very popular hot rod after the war, and now it is a very popular classic car for restoration. When I get this one finished I may keep it, flat head’s are great engines to do all kinds of modifications on to increase horsepower significantly.

As a pastor, I teach the Bible, counsel people, and organize and lead ministry projects and events. I work hard at managing my time well so I can accomplish as much work for God as possible. Ministry is emotionally draining, so I do various things to restore and fill up my emotional gas tank. Fishing is my favorite, but working on old beater cars is a close second. We all are finite, frail beings that need to take care of ourselves well and steward the body God has given to us until we get our new body in heaven. I am thankful for all of God’s opportunities to make a difference in many people’s lives, and I am grateful that He has given me many activities that I enjoy that make life fun to live despite the craziness of the times.

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  1. scotties777

    Hi Pastor Dee.
    There was a car accident on Scravel Hill tonight so i turned around and will go to Sunday afternoons class. Dave Beyer

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