The Five Days of Prayer are Over

After getting up at 4:15 am for five days in a row, and getting to bed at midnight, I am pretty tired tonight, and I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Even though I am glad the week of getting four hours of sleep a night is over I am always a little sad when the eight hours a day of praying is over.

There is something very supernatural about spending that much time in prayer. The sense of God’s presence is very real and is incredibly renewing. If I ever have a bout of depression I think I will go to corporate prayer for ten hours each day until I am over it, and I don’t think I would have to go very many days until I was cured.

Usually the first day my mind wanders a lot as I listen to the prayers of different people all day, but by the second day I am listening carefully and attentively as I agree with their prayers and join in with them talking to God.

Even though I can’t see God when I spend that much time talking to Him and listening to my thoughts trying to discern which ones are from God my faith grows significantly. My belief in God’s presence around me grows very strong to the point that all anxiety is replaced with joy and peace.

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