I Love Goals

I love tools, and I am always looking for a new tool to buy. I bought a flaring tool so that I could put in the brake lines on the 1969 mustang I am working on with my grandson. I didn’t know how to do brake lines, having bought brake line kits for all my previous projects which were pre-flared and pre-bent for me. I watched a half dozen YouTube videos on how to do it, and went at it. When I got all done I had a couple of leaks I had to fix, and a couple of my bends looked ugly, but I fixed them, and now I can cross off the goal “I will learn a new skill this year.”

I also love goals and the concept of goal setting. God is a goal setter. Everything He does He decides ahead of time, He plans every detail of the future. When you read prophecy in the Bible you are reading God’s goals. We function most effectively and efficiently when we function like God, because He created us like Himself.

My goals help me to focus and not be a scatterbrain. Focused thinking and focused living is being free from distractions. Distractions cause us to live our life chasing our tail, going in circles, accomplishing very little that really matters.

My goals are the best time management tool there is. People who waste a lot of time get very little done with their life that matters. They get distracted with the urgent and spend little time on the important. Our well thought out, and well-written goals are our declaration of what is important, and if we read them often we will stay focused on what is important.

Many people struggle with motivation, they can’t seem to find the key that turns on the engine of their life. When I feel flat, lukewarm, and lazy I read my goals an extra time, and off to the races I go. My goals fill my gas tank, they are the wings of my life, they work better than a can of spinach or an energy drink.

My goals give me passion. With passion, I am so much happier as a person. With passion I am much more enjoyable to be around. With passion my aches and pains don’t seem near as bad. With passion my brain is alive and works better, much better.

So many people refuse to write goals. When a person chooses not to write goals for themselves they are choosing a life of medicrity. Not a bad life, just a normal life, not a losers life, but certainly not a winner’s life either.

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