I Told You I Was Right

Christians believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, Word of God which is our sole source of truth and authority.

That statement sounds rather austere, whatever that means. One of the things that many sincere, Bible believing Christians do is use the Bible like a club, using a form of interpretation called “wooden literalism” to do what is called proof-texting. They will use a verse usually out of context to defend a particular view or opinion and also bash the views of others with the pious-sounding statement, “give me a verse.”

Three words used in tandem in the book of Proverbs are knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. All three words are important, but we know what to do, what to say, how to act, how to fix problems and what truth is with wisdom. Wisdom comes from reading, memorizing, meditating, and studying the Bible. Wisdom also comes from observing life, creation, personal experiences, and counsel from others understood through our broad and complete understanding of scripture or theology. Proverbs says that wisdom shouts from the household, it also says that only those who seek for wisdom like gold, silver and diamonds will find it.

Over the years, I have found “Temperament Tests.” to be very helpful in counseling people on decisions they need to make, improving their marriages, and managing their lives. “Temperament Tests” are secular, that is you won’t find them in the Bible, there is not even a hint of them in the Bible, and no suggestion is given to use such a thing. So, does that mean that I am wrong to use them? Many would say that “Temperament Tests” are the wisdom of man, not the wisdom of God, and ought to be avoided.

I appreciate those who have a sincere love of God’s Word, who follow it, and live by it.

I am by personal commitment a “Wisdom Seeker.” Many of the benefits and blessings of having wisdom are found in the Old Testament book of Proverbs. The first requirement to gain wisdom is humility, as soon as any person thinks they have it, they stop growing in wisdom. The more real wisdom that you gain the more you realize how much more their is to gain.

Wisdom seekers read the Bible, they pray and ask God for wisdom like a broken record, they learn from their mistakes, they learn and acquire wisdom from trials in their life, they are always asking for advice and counsel from others, they read good books, they listen to sermons, lectures, and podcasts, and they write down their experiences and trials so that they don’t forget them.

Wisdom seekers will know what to do and say in any situation that God sovereignly puts them in. They will understand the Bible and how to live it. They will think like God thinks. They will have healthy brains. They will have great and positive influence in the lives of others.

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