Blind Spots

A blind spot is a character flaw that we are unaware of. Everyone around us can see it, but we are oblivious to it. It is sad to think that I could have a sin habit or weakness that I could be working on to eliminate it or conquer it, but instead I act like it doesn’t exist. Blind spots are a major cause of relational problems, and because we are unaware of them in our life the bulk of our sinning is in this area.

Personal shame is one of our greatest fears. We were created by God for glory and majesty so feeling and experiencing shame is especially repugnant to us. When we attempt to protect ourselves from shame by blaming others for our sins and weaknesses, or excusing it as not so bad, or justifying it, or simply ignoring it, we begin to desensitize our conscience, callous it so it doesn’t do it’s job. If our cover up takes place with one particular sin or weakness pretty soon we have programmed ourselves to be blind to it.

If it weren’t so sad to see someone so disconnected from their own irritating behavior it would be funny as we watched people do and say dumb things that don’t make them blush even a little bit. It ought to make us really nervous that we could be acting like a fool, but be thinking that we are right up there with King Solomon.

A good way to begin to discover what these blind spots may be in our own life is to think reflectively about what we did or said before, during and after a conflict with another person. We see other people’s blind spots easily and come to the conclusion that the conflict is their fault, thus increasing the seriousness of our own blind spot. Those who really want to eliminate blind spots from their life will choose to take the blame for conflicts and then search for the reason, asking others for their input on what we have done to create the problem between us.

Because we are so reluctant to discover faults in our own life most people live their entire life with major blind spots that everyone can see but themselves.

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