My Birthday is Today!

I am 73 years old today, and I have had a wonderful day, wonderful week actually. All my kids and grandkids have been here with us, that is 45 people counting Patty and I. That doesn’t happen very often because everyone has their own jobs, homes, agendas, and schedules, so it was a great honor and joy to have them all here for a couple of days. The American tradition is to honor people on their birthday, sing to them, visit them, send them birthday cards, and give them gifts. I felt very honored both by family and friends all this week.

The Bible says we are to give God lots of honor. It also says that we are to honor our parents, great emphasis is put on that one. It also says that husbands are to honor their wives,and we all are to honor the aged.

1 Peter 2:17 Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God,

“Honor all people,” and it probably means, “honor all people, all the time, not just on their birthday.” How do we do that? Be nice to them, listen to them when they talk, meet needs in their life when we can, offer to pray for them, don’t be irritable or grumpy even if you have had a bad day, and ask for their counsel and advice.

God says in His Word that if we would honor others He would honor us. It also says that we reap what we sow, and that if we honor others they will honor us. It takes discipline and self-control to always treat every person in our life with the utmost honor and respect, but the dividends are huge.

9 thoughts on “My Birthday is Today!

  1. Robin Klopfenstein

    Happy birthday to a wonderful godly man. I hope you are blessed today. And you and your family make lots of great memories together. You have made the most positive impact on my life. I pray you will live until the trumpet sounds. I love you bunches!



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