Bicycle Trip 2021 Day 3

Today we rode from Bend to Mitchell, Oregon. It was 78 miles with about 4,000 feet of climbing as we went over Ochacho Pass. We had a great down hill ride going down the other side of Ochacho Pass because they were doing road construction near the top of the pass, and they would hold all the cars and trucks until the pilot car came. So there would be a slug of vehicles, and we would pull over until they passed, and then we would have 20 minutes without a car so we would ride out in the smooth part of the road. I got up to 42 miles an hour twice. It was overcast today with even a shower or two so the temperature was pleasant. We had no flat tires, no dogs chased us, no mosquitoes bit us, rumble strips were only a minor problem, most of the day there was a two foot shoulder, and once we got past Prineville traffic was mild. Sore muscles, tender butt, and other physical issues were much better today.

We had planned on staying at the public park in Mitchell, but someone told me about this place we are staying in tonight. It is a church that decided to have a ministry to bicycle riders. They have 6 bunk beds, a couple of teepees, tent space, and room for our RV. They have showers and provide breakfast as well. Tonight there are about six other bicycle riders besides us who are staying here and we have had a good time comparing stories of our various rides and trips.

Tomorrow we are headed to John Day.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Trip 2021 Day 3

  1. Debi

    Best place to stay in John Day is Clyde Holliday State Recreation Site. Very nice place. They have showers, Water & electricity. People that run it are very welcoming to bicyclists. Beware of tons of mosquitoes. If you have repellant you will be fine. Grant County Fairgrounds is not bicycle friendly. They wanted to charge my husband’s group of 5 $150 for one tent site.


  2. Dave Beyer

    We are grateful that you are well on your way. Lord keep your protection all around them and may they feel your presence in every experience. Some go and others stay behind and pray.



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