Bicycle Trip 2021 Day #4

Today we rode from Mitchell to Dayville, Oregon, only 40 miles. We stopped here because another church hosted bicycle riders as a ministry, and it was too good to pass up; besides, I didn’t mind only riding 40 miles. Tomorrow is our rest day, and it is much needed to rest muscles and heal aching body parts, though I was feeling much better today, and as a result, enjoying the ride more. We had a long gradual downhill ride today after a very, very steep 10-mile uphill climb. I like the gradual dowhhills where we go about 10 to 15 mph without pedaling most of the time. It is very relaxing and easy to look around at the scenery and wildlife.

One of the things that happens to me on these rides is that on about day 4, I start hallucinating. Not bad hallucinating, more like optical illusions. I can’t tell whether the road is going up or down. Today I was riding along a river, and I was positive it was running uphill. But I know rivers don’t run uphill, so I had to ignore what my eyes and brain were telling me. Later I was going along at 15 mph without pedaling, and it looked to my messed-up brain that I was going uphill, but I know that is impossible without a powerful tailwind.

So, my new accurate gauge for whether I am going uphill or downhill is no longer my eyes; they deceive me; it is my legs; am I pedaling, how hard am I pedaling, and how fast am I pedaling?

That is very much like life, we are constantly being deceived. Our own heart often deceives us.

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?

The devil is called “the deceiver,” and he is constantly trying to get us to believe things to be true that are false.

The world, the media, politicians, teachers, even Pastors are constantly trying to control us through deception.

Those who read, study, and memorize the Bible every day will know the truth. Be sure that with busy schedules and summer activity you don’t compromise on the basic disciplines of the Christian life, otherwise you will think up is down and wrong is right.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Trip 2021 Day #4

  1. 520randall

    I love hearing how churches have recognized the opportunity for a ministry to bicyclers and have responded!

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