Going Fishing

I finally got my boat running good. I built this boat with 2×4’s and plywood covering it all with epoxy and fiberglass. It is a great boat, 26 feet long, very stable, but I have had trouble with the outboard motors. I have bought cheap motors that I could afford, $500 is average, I have had 3 different ones all 85 hp Johnsons. I finally decided to spend a little more and try to find one that was reliable, and I got this 135 hp Evinrude. The fellow that recently rebuilt it assured me that it was top-notch, and he seemed like a trustworthy person. I had some initial trouble because mud dobbers stuffed the coil full of mud. I got that fixed and then I had problems because the gas tank somehow got on top of the gas line and wouldn’t let gas through. I got that fixed and this little video is my boat on it’s successful test drive!! Yahoo

Tomorrow after church is over I am leaving to spend five days on the Colombia fishing for Shad. We are going to camp in Cascade Locks, and drive the few miles to the boat ramp each morning. There are different groups of guys driving up each morning to fish with us. I am looking forward to a good week of fishing in my very fine boat.

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