Shad Fishing

Gary Brown and I are staying in a cabin in Cascade Locks for a week going Shad fishing each day in the Colombia just below Bonneville Dam. It is about a ten-minute drive to the boat ramp from the cabin. We both brought our boats and have different guys driving up to fish with us each day. Gary had two friends coming today to fish with him that I had never met. He told them that they could park their motor home in the KOA campground that is about a quarter-mile from our cabin, and then join him this morning at our cabin at 5:30 am. I didn’t know about any of these arrangements. When we got here Sunday afternoon we decided to go to a local restaurant for dinner. Gary said, “Let’s drive around the KOA campground and see if we can find someone who looks lonely to invite to go with us to dinner and then we can witness to them.” I thought, “ Wow, that is cool, I did’t know Gary was that aggressive of a witness for Jesus.” So, we drive around and around the campground and Gary sees a guy, and stops, gets out of his truck and goes over and starts talking to him. The guy goes into his motor home and Gary looks at me and puts two thumbs up, and then two guys get into the truck with us. I again think, Wow, this is going to be fun. They introduce themselves to me and the one guy says, “I have a friend who knows you.” Now this totally confuses me because we have just met, I think he saw my confusion and said, “you are Pastor Duke, aren’t you? I said yes, but how did you know that, and he said, “Oh Gary told me you would be fishing with us when he invited us to go fishing with him.” Now I am really confused and say, “So, wait a minute, this isn’t the first time you have met Gary?” He answers and says, “Oh no, we have known each other for 15 years.” My words to Gary when he gets into the truck were, “Well, you scoundrel!”

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