Life Mottos

A motto is a sentence which summarizes a belief, a commitment, or a philosophy of life that you don’t want to forget.

I am personally a big believer in mottos. They help me remember what my commitments and values are, and also to teach them to others. I am continually collecting new ones that I hear and those I write for myself. Here are a few of my favorites;

-Read the Bible everyday, everyday, everyday.

– You don’t have to act the way you feel.

– Everything rises and falls on leadership.

– Feel angry over every injustice you see, but don’t act or speak in anger, not even a little bit irritated, it changes nothing.

-Being a servant of Jesus is all about influencing people and changing things for the better, even if just a little bit.

-If certain behavior doesn’t change anything for the better, stop it.

-much prayer much blessing, little prayer little blessing, no prayer no blessing.

-If anything in life is important, make a goal to get better at it.

-Measure, count and keep track on paper of anything and everything that matters.

-If you don’t keep track of how much you pray, you won’t pray much, if you don’t keep track of how much you read the Bible, you won’t read the Bible much.

-A goal isn’t really a goal if it isn’t written down, it is just wishful thinking.

-Every year learn a new skill, skills are like tools, the more you have the more you can do.

-Every year choose to do something you have never done before, experience is the foundation of wisdom.

-Every year plan to go someplace you have never been before, the world is God’s textbook for knowing Him.

-The more you read your goals the more apt you are to accomplish them.

-I will love everybody God sovereignly brings into my life, no matter how difficult they may be to love.

-To love a person is to honor them and to honor them is to pay sincere attention to their words.

-Our memories are short, write down every experience worth remembering.

-Stories are the key to memorable teaching, but only if they are short and well told.

-The self-disciple to delay gratification according to wisdom is the most significant measure of maturity.

-Leaders are readers.

-Without regular and honest self-examination change and growth will be minimal.

-Every conflict with another person is an opportunity to discover a blind spot in my life.

-Quitting something because it is hard is what wimps do.

-I can accomplish just about anything if I get enough counsel and help from others, only a fool insists on doing it by themselves.

-God sees everything I do, hears everything I say, and knows everything I think.

2 thoughts on “Life Mottos

  1. Gilbert of Corvallis

    Excellent. Thank you.
    May I suggest another? The seeds of failure are sown in the soil of success. Guard yourself against pride.



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