Going through the Tribulation

I don’t believe that we will go through the Tribulation as described in Revelations, but that we will be raptured at any minute, receive a glorified body and head off to heaven with Jesus. But let’s pretend that we do go through the Seven year Tribulation as described in Revelation chapter 6 through 19. If we are in the Tribulation it will be fairly easy to see where we are on the time line described in Revelations with the seven seal judgments, the seven trumpet judgments, and then the seven bowl judgments being clearly explained along with the mark of the beast and other events.

So now, pretending that we are in the Tribulation how will we pray? Will we pray that God will make everything good, and take away the hard times? Why would we pray that when it is clearly prophesied that the hard times are planned by God? What we should pray for is strength to endure the hard times and that we would be a good witness.

If we read Revelations we will see that the antichrist is a major player and that he is the worst tyrant the world has ever seen, and that he persecuted severely all who do not obey him. What are we going to pray for? That God fixes the government and changes things so that the Republicans are in charge? Why would we do that when we can see clearly what God has planned?

So, maybe what we should pray for is strength to endure and to be a good witness for Jesus.

So, back to the present, how should we pray? That God fixes things, takes away the COVID thing, opens up schools, takes things back to normal? The worse things are the more people turn to Jesus as their savior. People coming to Jesus is far more important than things being normal. What we should be praying for is that those who identify with Jesus are strong, not whiners, not afraid of viruses, joyful, not critical of others, whether they wear a mask or not.

How are you doing as a follower of Jesus?

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