The Church and Politics

Way back in Jerry Falwell’s days and the “Moral Majority,” as the pastor of Jefferson Baptist Church, I had to wrestle with the role we would have in the political arena; what did God expect us to do? The question for me boiled down to this, “How do you most effectively change the morals of a country, the values, the belief system for what is right and what is wrong in a culture? Was working through the government the best way to make the most impact? Was working at changing the government and making it good the right emphasis. Many people pushed me in that direction with great passion.

As I wrestled with this I was greatly influenced by Francis Schaffer’s book, “How Then Should We Live”, and all the books written by Chuck Colson, especially “Against the Night, ” and “Kingdoms in Conflict”. As a result of those books and others, I wrote a “Position Paper, ” on what I believed was my personal responsibility outside my role as a pastor and what I should do as the Pastor of JBC and what should our church do. Here is the short version of that paper.

1. The church’s responsibility, it’s job description given to them by Jesus is to “Make Disciples.”

2. Any other emphasis will rob the church of it’s effectiveness at doing the “Great Commission.”

3. A disciple believes in Jesus, loves Jesus, follows Jesus, obeys Jesus. A disciple reads, studies, memorize’s, and meditates on the Bible, God’s Word daily. A true disciple of Jesus spends time with Him every day in prayer agonizing over the world around them. A disciple of Jesus is a leader, an influencer of people, he is salt and he is light. A disciple sees injustice and wrong around him in his world and he fixes it, he does that as and because he is a disciple of Jesus, that is what they do.

4. The core problem in our country isn’t that the government is bad, the key problem is that there are not enough true disciples of Jesus making the government and the culture good.

5. The problem with any culture, country, goverment is that those being led by Satan and empowered by Satan are more in number and stronger than those who are being led and empowered by God.

6. Whose fault is that? The church’s, the church has one job given to them by God, “Make Disciples, ” and they have done a hundred other things except the one thing they were given to do.

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