Proverbs 21:3 To do righteousness and justice
Is desired by the Lord more than sacrifice.

Psalms 106:3 How blessed are those who keep justice,
Who practice righteousness at all times!

In our present-day culture of BLM, Antifa, demonstrations, political unrest, voter fraud allegations, and police brutality allegations the topic of Justice comes up a lot. The problem is that justice has been redefined by the liberal socialist movement in our country, and has become the definition permeating much of the present government agenda. The founding Fathers of the United States defined Justice as equal opportunity for all. Socialism has replaced equality with the words egalitarianism and equity.

Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in 1896 developed the “Pareto Principle.” He wrote it after observing that 80% of Italy’s land was owned by 20% of the people. He researched and studied this all over the world. His premise was that if all the money in the world were gathered up and evenly distributed to all the people in less than ten years, 80% of the money would be in the hands of the same 20% of the people. When I was a dairy farmer we observed that 20% of our cows produced 80% of the milk. As a pastor of a church I have observed that 20% of the people give 80% of the money, and 20% do 80% of the ministry. In basketball 20% of the players score 80% of the points and on it goes, that is pretty much life.

Simple observation concludes that the reason for the 80% – 20% split is because of a difference in diligence, wisdom, responsible behavior, choices, talent, and ability. Those in the lowest of the 80% would say the difference is because of luck, racism, lack of opportunity, and privilege.

Another observable fact is that some of the 20% who acquire wealth begin to use that wealth’s power to oppress and take advantage of the 80%. So governments in an attempt to provide justice for the 80% to prevent them from being taken advantage of enact laws to protect them. Good governments are able to pull that off, but not many stay good for long.

In golf, a system of keeping score has been developed called the “handicap.” Basically the better you play the lower your handicap and the worse you play the higher your handicap. So when four people play a game of golf together on a sunny Saturday afternoon, their handicap is subtracted from their final score at the end of the game, meaning the really bad player has a chance to beat the really good player not because of greater skill but because of his handicap. It is a system designed to keep competition equal so bad players try harder because they now have a chance to win.

In Socialism that is called “egalitarianism” and “equity.”Government is now in charge of creating laws to make it easier for the 80% to make money, own property, get an education, and be happy in life. Historically what always happens is the development of a welfare state where government becomes the oppressor and the middle class disappears, because some of the 20% now move into Government and still control the wealth and now have the power.

The solution? Tomorrow!

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