The Hardest of all Trials

A lot of things in life are tough, but I think the most difficult is when someone you love very much is suffering. Patty has been having very severe pain in her hip from her sciatic nerve, and has been in bed all day. She has been in great pain. I like to be able to fix things but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to fix it. I offer my sympathy as best I can but it doesn’t seem like it matters much. I would take all the pain on myself if I could but I can’t so I really do nothing to help, which is one of the hardest things, to be worthless as it were to help or make a difference in the life of the person who is most important to you. Just being a spectator with no value or importance in making things better or more bearable is tough.

I pray often that God will give her strength, joy, and peace in spite of the pain, but I haven’t seen any obvious answers to my prayer.

I acknowledge that part of life is pain and that the older we get the more that seems to become part of God’s plan for our life. So I guess one of the prayers that I need to pray is for me, that I would be strong and wise to say just the right words and do the right thing at right time in the midst of the trial.

One of the things I can’t do Jesus did, the Bible says that Jesus took our sins upon himself, He became our sins, and He died for our sins so that we could live with him forever in amazing joy. That is amazing to think about, I simply need to accept His free gift and follow Him and I am forgiven and I get to go to heaven when I die.

Why would anyone refuse to do that, and why would those who are born again fail to share that good news with others. Now that is a great mystery.

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