The Hardest of all Commandments

A great Bible study would be to read through the New Testament and write down every commandment, eliminate duplicates and combine similar ones. Once you have the list finalized, rank them in difficulty, the most challenging first, and the easiest last.

Now what would make it really fun would be to have a dozen people do this and then to compare their lists and then each person explaining the reason for their particular choices, especially the half dozen on the top and bottom of the list.

Another great discussion would be for each person to share what commandments they have never broken in their life and why they think that is.

A discussion question that might be a little too personal for some would be to discuss the commandment they have broken the most and how they have gotten the victory over it if they have or plan on conquering it if they haven’t yet.

Some of the most challenging commands for me are the ones that are difficult to measure, such as “don’t love the world or the things in the world”or “don’t become entangled in the affairs of everyday life”, or the hardest one of all to know how I am doing with, “don’t be prideful. “

The point of this discussion is to think about how we are doing living our life. Some overriding commands are “pursue righteousness, ” “be holy, ””cleanse yourself of all unrighteousness, ” and the main one for me is Jesus saying, “if you love me you will keep my commandments” or “you are my friends if you do what I command you.”

I am not morbid about self-examination and reflective thinking about my life, but I do look in the mirror and see where the dirt is and attempt to wash it off.

Becoming more holy is a lifelong pursuit, so no sense in wasting any time.

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