Weight Lifting

I started weight lifting again after being off of it for over a year now. I quit when I went on my bicycle trip last year and never got the self-discipline to start up again. I started up because of the accountability of other guys lifting with me. I have a weight room set up in my “Man Room,” so it is hard to skip out when three other guys show up at my house to lift with me. I reread a book on the importance of exercise for older men, especially older men with Parkinson’s and I got all motivated to lift as much as Sylvester Stallone. Tonight when I came in from lifting I felt really good, not just physically but in regards to my own self-worth. Sometimes I get to feeling like life is over when I get to feeling tired, unmotivated, can’t remember if I took my pills or not, fall tripping over my own shadow, and gaining weight. But tonight I felt motivated, strong, healthy, full of self-control. It is amazing what a little exercise with friends will do. I think the key is the “with friends” part.

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