Writing my Prayers

The most common struggle that we all have when we try and pray for more than a few minutes is that our mind drifts or we fall asleep. One of the things that I have done for years is to write my prayers. I do this mostly on my ipad so it isn’t as fast as using a keyboard on a computer, but it is about the right speed for me as I think about what I want to pray. I don’t use this method when I pray for the church prayer letter or when I pray for everybody in the church, because I am already reading the prayer letter or reading previous written notes both which keeps me focused and awake. As I go through my “Prayer App” with the names of every person in the church I do write notes, thoughts, observations, and answers to prayer under peoples name.

But the prayers that I pray about me, my relationship with God, my struggles, my sins, my dreams, my goals, and my key relationships, I get so much more out of my time when I write my words to God. I am sure that He enjoys His time with me more as well because of my focus and clarity while writing instead of wandering thoughts or spoken words that get sidetracked with other thoughts.

Another positive is that I can go back and read previous prayers that I have written which are often a perfect fit for what I have gone through that day. Prayer is such an important part of our spiritual growth and relationship with God, and our time praying should be as quality as possible, and for me writing is a tremendous help.

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