Ice Fishing in Alaska with Grandsons

I got up, dressed warm, and went ice fishing with my son-in-law Philip, and his 3 boys this morning, and we had a great time. We drove about 30 minutes to a lake, drove out on the ice, and augered four holes in the ice. It looked like the ice was 3 to 4 feet deep from how far the auger went down. We set up an insulated tent over the holes, put some chairs in it, and started up the propane heater. We caught 30 trout in about 3 hours of fishing. When we caught them we would throw them outside the tent and they froze solid in a few minutes. We drove back home, put the fish in the sink, let them thaw out, filleted them, and had an awesome fish dinner.

When Patty and I were raising our eight kids we had 10 character goals that we trained them for. One of them was that they would be tough-minded, that they would have lots of grit. I was very impressed with my 3 grandsons this morning. It was about zero degrees on the lake and it took awhile getting the holes drilled, the tent set up, and lines in the water. The tent was small and all five of us were crammed into it. Wyatt accidentally stepped into one of the holes and ice-cold water filled his boot. Through the entire morning of fishing not one complaint was spoken. We ate snacks, caught fish, trash-talked, and had a wonderful time. I thought to myself, I have some tough grandkids, good boys.

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