Grandkids in Alaska on Christmas

I had a memorable time this morning being part of our family in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Christmas morning. I got to read the Christmas story and then we had a prayer time and everyone took turns praying thanking God for the gift of Jesus and our salvation. We then had a great breakfast together of eggs, sausage, and toast. It brought back so many memories of our family opening gifts years ago as I watched my grandkids open theirs this morning. They purchased gifts for each other, and as each gift was opened, there were hugs and thank yous of appreciation. But the best fun was when the three boys had a nerf gun war with the nerf guns they each got as gifts. The action was in the downstairs room that Patty and I are using as a bedroom. Our bed served as a great place to hide behind and I and the chair I was sitting in also provided great cover. I was sitting in the chair in the corner reading and writing this as they ran around shooting each other. If they got shot, they had to be out of the war until they counted to 20. Occasionally I got hit with a wild nerf bullet, and I would then dutifully count to 20. 2020 has been a year full of frustrations, pressures, and disappointments, but it is ending super!

Proverbs 17:6 Grandchildren are the crown of old men,

Patty and I have 27 grandkids, and they all are exceptional, with great character. I hope I live long enough to see each one of them as adults and witness first hand what great things they are going to accomplish with their lives.

1 thought on “Grandkids in Alaska on Christmas

  1. Debbie Hobbs

    Merry Christmas Pastor Dee! I am happy that you and Patty are getting to spend Christmas with your kids and grandkids in Fairbanks. One if our sons and his family live in Fairbanks, too, and we got to spend it with them last year. It is so wonderful when we can do that. It looks looked you are having an amazing time! God Bless and safe travels.



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