Tonight we had a worship service at 5 pm and 7 pm, and each of the hours was made up of 4 locations with 25 people in each spot. We will do the same at 9 am and 11:30 am tomorrow morning and again at 6 pm. This whole thing is a major logistical nightmare. What made me irritated is to read that our Oregon Governor, Kate Brown is encouraging the thousands of protesters who are packed together like cordwood, and who certainly are not practicing any kind of social distancing. That bit of injustice had me irritated all evening. Then I thought, most of the people that I have gotten irritated at over the last couple of days are not believers and are going to be facing “eternal destruction” in the “Lake of Fire”, away from the presence of the Lord.

6 thoughts on “Irritated

  1. Vicki Caldwell

    Dee Duke, God knows your heart ❤ God knows you walk your talk which is evident by your family and your life and your church. Pretty sure God also feels that same irritation, called righteous anger, isn’t it? I hesitate to say but you are human and you can’t be perfect even though you walk a mighty fine line. It’s ok, right? To feel.

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  2. Matt Borg

    Dee, maybe if we go charismatic – raise the excitement level; you know, break some things and start some fires we can get an exemption.

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  3. Laura De Haven

    It is a sad and sobering thought that so many people, including many of our government leaders, are at this point lost for eternity. May our prayers for them create a conduit through which the Holy Spirit will soften their hearts and draw them to the light of eternal salvation.

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  4. Annette Trucco

    Dear Dee, I have had to take myself off of social media because mine mine needs a rest. I need to take all my thoughts captive and I can’t do that when I look at Facebook! Or Instagram! I am so thankful that I can follow you on email. God bless you for being my passenger. I would not have made it by myself this time had I not been disciplined to read the word and seek God on my own. And that came from youThank you again

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