Shad Fishing

My granddaughter Adrie who is quite the fisher lady

One of my favorite fishing experiences each year is the Shad fishing on the Colombia River below Bonneville Dam the first week of June. There are over 2 million Shad that go up the fish ladder at the dam and the peak of the run is usually the first week of June when 100,000 fish a day are going through the place we are fishing. I fished with different people Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 4 each day and the total fish we all caught was 500.

Most people use Shad for crab bait, but I filleted 50 of them, brined them, smoking them now, and then I am going to can them. I hope they turn out good, that is a lot of fish to feed to crabs!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were such good days. When I am fishing I don’t read the news, think about the news, or care about the news. As far as my mind knew there was no virus, no riots, no shut down, no politics, just a beautiful day on the river catching fish.

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