Worship the Lord together

Last night and today we had 5 services, 2 on Saturday night and 3 today, with 4 different locations on campus in each service where 25 people gathered. The preaching and worship were live in the main sanctuary and “piped” to the other 3 locations. We had designated “hosts” at each location who helped people fill out prayer cards, get sermon notes, collect stuff for their kids to do during the service, to offer hand sanitizer and bottled water if they wanted it. We also had the 9:00 am service live online so those who still preferred worshiping at home could watch it on You Tube, our Church Website, or on Facebook, and be part of what was happening at JBC. This last week I was thinking that this was going to be a very confusing and chaotic event, and I was frustrated that we even had to do it, but the whole thing went off very smoothly and successfully, and I am sure all who came had a blessed time. I was so impressed with all the volunteers who worked so hard on planning, setting up projectors, WiFi systems, hosts, cleaners, greeters, and those who prayed for the weekend to be blessed by God. Even though it was labor intensive, it was an adventure and the new format was a challenge that now that it is over was fun. It always amazes me what a group of people who love the Lord and want to serve Him well, and who love each other and know how to work together in unity, can accomplish together. We probably are going to be able to expand the number of people meeting together this next week so this weekends event of 25 people in multiple sites will be a one time event and a story we will tell for years.

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