Went to Bed

I ran my chain saw for 4 hours today cutting firewood and loaded it into a trailer. I now have a big pile of “rounds” in my driveway waiting to be split and stacked. When I got the wood unloaded and the pick up and trailer parked it was 3 pm. I ate 2 cheese sandwiches that patty fixed for me and then I sat down in my chair to rest a minute and fell dead asleep. I woke up about 30 minutes later and was so stiff I could hardly move so I sat in my hot tub for 15 minutes and went to bed. I got up at 7 pm, rode my stationary bike, ate dinner, am now writing this blog, will read my Bible and pray, and then back to bed for hopefully 8 good hours of sleep. The worst thing about getting older is not being able to do what I used to be able to do, not that long ago. My name is “Dee”, but I have been thinking about changing it to “EEE” for empty, as in my gas tank!

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