The Most Powerful Unity Builder

I am always bugging guys to pray with their wives. In the half dozen men’s accountability groups that I am in that is one of the things that all of the guys who are married report on. As much as I push it I have to admit that much of the praying that Patty and I do together she initiates. She didn’t in the old days when we were just getting started in the discipline because she wanted me to be the spiritual leader, but now that it is a normal part of our married life she regularly will say, “Let’s pray for_______”, and we pray for them right then. Patty has such a high level of compassion for people that she is always carrying a load of concern for various individuals who are going through trials or are facing a challenge. Our first priority is our kids, their spouses and our grand kids. Then extended family like my sister and others who may be struggling with life. We are praying a lot now for people in our church that we hear about having a health issue, marriage problems, kid problems, job or money struggles during these times.

Occasionally we will pray for our own problems, but not very often, we mostly just intercede for others. As I think about our marriage I would describe our relationship as a relaxed unity. Our unity isn’t something that we are really aware of, or are struggling to maintain, it is just sort of there in a nice comfortable way that brings lots of joy and contentment into both of our lives. The reason for our “oneness of spirit” I believe is our praying together. There is a supernatural bonding that takes place between people who pray together that God makes happen. It is the reason why married couples who regularly pray together have such a low rate of divorce. Couples who pray together stay together. The same is true in churches who have a high level of corporate prayer in their church life, there is great unity and a high level of love for each other, for those in the world and for God.

I nag, nag, nag about the importance of corporate prayer in our church. I am sure there are some who get tired of it, but it is so important and so powerful I won’t quit until every person in our church is involved to some degree.

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