Tired of Coronavirus

I think I have blogged for a month straight on the “virus”, and I am tired of it. I think I have written everything there is to write about it from my perspective, and I can’t think of anything else that matters so I am going to write about my favorite subject today, my family.

Yesterday, Patty and I left at 6:00 am for Twin Falls, Idaho to visit our son Seth, his wife Amie, and their 4 kids. Our youngest daughter Sally, her husband Aaron and their 3 kids, who normally live in Oahu, Hawaii, are on a year long traveling trip around the lower 48 States in a Motor Home and they will be here in 1 hour and will stay for several days so we get to see 2 kids and their families in one trip.

Because of some pictures and videos that got put on Facebook a couple of days ago of some of our kids along with others when they were Junior High and High School age I got to reminiscing about all the activities that we did with all 8 kids as they grew up. As I looked at the pictures and remembered those days I got very emotional. Those years from 1975 when Sarah was born until the last one left for college were the best and the happiest years of my life. They took a lot of time, money, thought, effort, tears, prayer, fretting, teaching, discipline, lectures, travel and self examination. When I see their lives now I am so very proud of each one and how they have grown, their character, their relationship with Christ, their ministries, their relationship with each other and with us. As I watch them navigate their life during these weird times I see a lot of confidence, trust in the Lord, wisdom, security, and humor, they are managing life well. I couldn’t have written a better script if I had tried. Thank you, Lord for Your amazing blessings in our life.

1 thought on “Tired of Coronavirus

  1. Jamie Hollenbeak

    I can relate to this blog very much. We have photos cycling on our computer screen and they take you back in time and fond memories, I have my favorite times and ages as well. It all passed so fast but I take satisfaction that we so enjoyed our family time. We were truly blessed and the memories live forever. Thanks for the reminder! Jamie



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