Coronavirus Vacation

So what is a person supposed to do with all this extra time?I have plenty of home projects and personal projects and goals to keep me busy for 6 months, but I really want to do something that will matter for all eternity, to bear some real fruit for God. I have made praying for people my main ministry right now. I have always prayed a lot but I am doubling my normal amount. I have an App on my Ipad called “Prayer Mate” that I like a lot. I can put pictures with each name and I have unlimited capacity for writing under each persons name. What do I pray about for each of you? Here is what I call “the dozen guaranteed to be answered prayers” that I pray for you all.

1. I pray that God will use the events and circumstances in your life to mold you like clay into the image of Christ, that you would grow in character until you are totally mature, and when you step into heaven you will be just like Him in character. I never pray that God will change, fix, or make better the circumstances in any person’s life because I don’t know what His will is and what He wants to do to cause you to grow.

2. I pray that God will convict you to the core of your being of anything that is sin and which is not pleasing to Him, that He will give you the desire to be holy and pure, and the supernatural strength to conquer any sin in your life.

3. I pray that God will put in you a deep longing to know Him more intimately, and the desire to seek Him diligently. That Psalms 42:1 would be the cry of your heart, “as the deer thirsts for the water brooks, so my soul thirst after You, Oh God”!

4. I pray that God would motivate you to seek wisdom with more desire than silver and gold, and to the degree that you seek it, that He would give it to you, so you would know what to do and say in any and every situation that you might be in.

5. I pray that God would fill you with the desire to influence people to become followers of Jesus, that He would open many doors for you, provide divine appointments, and that you would see the opportunities and not miss them or ignore them.

6. I pray that God will deliver you and protect you from the evil one, that He will put a hedge of protection around you.

7. I pray that God will fill you with His joy and peace in spite of your circumstances, and that you would not be discontent, grumble, or complain about any of the events or situations in your life, but that you would rejoice always.

8. I pray that God will fill you with His strength so that you will run with endurance the race that He has set before you, and that you would not quit, give up, back slide, or cool off. That you would be renewed in your strength to bear up under and manage well the pressures and responsibilities of life that God has given to you.

9. I pray that God will fill you with the knowledge of what His perfect will is for your life, and that all the choices that you make will be inside that perfect will.

10. I pray that God causes your love for Him and for every person in your life to abound more and more every day of your life.

11. I pray that you abide in Jesus, that His Word abides in you, and that you bear much fruit for Him, that your life is not unproductive and useless for Him as His servant.

12. I pray that God would work in your heart so as to remove every shred of bitterness and unforgiveness toward others, and that He would make you “one” with all those in your areas of relationship.

1 thought on “Coronavirus Vacation

  1. Craig G. Morton

    Thanks for so faithfully demonstrating your heart for God and encouraging and instructing all of us to desire more of God and more fruitful lives.



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