Coronavirus and my Emotions

If you have followed my teaching for very many years you know that one of my favorite slogans is, ”You don’t have to act the way you feel”. Feelings or emotions are impossible for us to control. Different emotions pop up in us all day long, usually prompted by an event that happens in our life. So if we acted the way we feel we would pretty much be controlled by the events in our life, most of which we have little control over. That being said, we can control our emotions, it just takes a bit of time. If we don’t let emotions control our behavior we can control our emotions by controlling our thinking and then reinforce that by responsible acting. ”If we don’t act the way we feel, we will soon feel the way we are acting”.

In this last week, I have often been overcome by strong emotions and feelings of frustration, depression, despair, failure, futility, anger, resentment, self-pity, apathy and weariness. Each of them are like a vulture circling over my head and they take turns roosting on my head and pooping on it. I just get one vulture chased off and another one lands and poops. So far I have managed to exercise self-control and not act the way I have been feeling, and I am hoping that this season of negative emotions will end soon as I continue to act right. Besides this Coronavirus thing that has totally messed with my routine my Parkinson’s which occasionally gets to fussing has been acting up of late. The muscle pain and muscle fatigue just gets to wearing me out and then I can’t sleep much because the minute I close my eyes all my muscles go into a spasm routine, and the only thing that helps is getting up and riding my stationary bike for awhile.

I share all of that not to elicit sympathy, but to let those of you who are going through emotional ups and downs as well that we are in this together. Life is hard, but it is supposed to be hard, and soon we will be in heaven and hard will be over forever.

If you pray for me, don’t pray that I would feel better, or that things would get better, but pray that I would have strength to act and do right in spite of life, that God would fill me with His joy and peace, and that all of my circumstances will turn out for the furtherance of the gospel.

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus and my Emotions

  1. Gary Clevenger

    Thank you Dee . That is the exact words of encouragement I needed this morning. When I stay in God’s word and pray everything I do turns out better. Thank you brother.


  2. Sam Warner

    I don’t have anything profound or unique to say.
    I am just grateful to have this brief time to choose the love of God, in it’s pure unadulterated form. I get to have eternity. I have the priviledge to know you, as a friend, and share the same goal to finish well in Christ.
    Sometimes we just have to BE and let Jesus be everything.


  3. Chris DeRoest

    I don’t know if this will help you or not but I get bad muscle cramps and the only thing that has helped me to so rub emu oil on my legs every night. When I have forgotten, I wake up with cramps so I rarely forget. It is kind of spendy….but for me, it is worth it. The brand I order is High Cascade–Eagle Point Oregon 1-800-814-3687


  4. Laura DeHaven

    Thanks Dee. I have been greatly encouraged by many of your blog posts. You have helped me to focus on the big picture.



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