How Do I Witness In Isolation because of this Coronavirus Thing

Creativity is a gift that we have from God having been created in His image. One of the ways that our creative juices can really get going is in the midst of problems as we figure them out and fix things. So my contact with people has dropped significantly as we try to keep from getting infected or infecting others. But I want to take advantage of the times we are in to attract people to faith in Jesus Christ. Good old ”Social Media” comes to the rescue. Let me share a few ways that I have attempted to spread the good news of the gospel.

1. Jefferson Baptist Church has done a ”Virtual Worship Service” the last two weeks. I ”shared” the sermon with all of my Facebook Friends which is accessible on Youtube. This last weeks, ”Hebrews 2” was a very good evangelistic sermon, even if I did preach it. I then prayed fervently that God would prompt all to watch it, and that they would understand it clearly.

2. I am spending one hour on Facebook most days reading entries and looking for someone I can connect with that is afraid of the future and offering to pray for them and looking for opportunities, to share information.

3. I watch a lot of sermon on line as I work at improving my own preaching and teaching skill and when I watch one that I is particularly good I ”Share”it with my friends.

I am cooking up some more ideas many of them I think I will continue to use even after normal life resumes one of these days.

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