The Nagging Coronavirus

I didn’t write a blog last night, I cut and pasted Psalms 91 from my on line Bible. It is a good Psalms and I used it as a substitute for writing. I decided last night that it would be wise for me not to write a blog because I had such a rotten attitude, and I was afraid it would leak out into my writing. Many people are feeling a growing fear, even dread as the information about the virus ramps up. I am feeling no fear or worry, but I am feeling a growing anger, resentment, irritation, and frustration. It isn’t so much the situation as it is the constant flow of information about the situation that after awhile get’s me so worked up I feel like yelling at somebody. The faucet in our sink leaks, just a little bit, but it drips and it makes a fairly loud sound dripping into our stainless steel sink. The sink is only a few feet from our bed, and I can hear it all night long. Proverbs says that a nagging wife is like a continuous dripping. After awhile the constant dripping just wears you out . So what does a person do? I am trying very hard to be a good model to everyone who knows me of what it means to trust God, and not fret, worry, complain, or grumble, about life, and this stupid virus and the stupider reporting of it by the media. Oops, sorry about that, bad attitude leaked out. So, I dealt with this mounting turmoil inside of me the same way I deal with every problem in life, I went fishing, surf fishing to be exact. Standing in the ocean casting out as far as I could, then reeling my line in real slow, hoping to catch a “red tailed perch”, the limit is 15 and that was my goal. All I caught was a little flounder and a sea gull that was dumb enough to get tangled in my fishing line. But it worked it’s magic on me, and I came home feeling very refreshed and ready to face some more irritating dripping. For people,who don’t fish, it would be very important for them to identify an activity that does the same thing for them that fishing does for me. A key ingredient for me is being outdoors where I see God’s creation and am reminded of His divine nature, His eternal power and invisible attributes.

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