I don’t do very much any more by myself. Life is all about relationships, and relationships are built stronger by time together. I get God’s Grace through others as I spend time with them, and others get God’s Grace from me when I spend time with them. That principle comes right from the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit together, one in essence and purpose, but still three personalities. We are created in God’s image and likeness so together with others is good. Humility is recognizing that I need others to succeed and be truly happy, and pride is saying I can do it by myself.

I wish that I had learned this principle earlier in my life. I spent so much time doing things by myself because I thought I would recover from my weariness from preaching quicker, and that is what I did for years, isolate myself. Now I recognize the truth about myself and how God’s principles really work.

By the way, several have asked about going with me up Mt Adams and my answer is yeh! You can do the Saturday one day climb or you can join me as I climb the mountains in two days.

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