Climbing Mt Adams

The goal is to climb Mt Adams on August 8th this year. I climbed it for the first time way back in the summer 1965. Since then I climbed it just about every year up until 2012, and I have not climbed it since. That last time I climbed it was very difficult for me with my Parkinson’s being a big issue, and I decided that I was done climbing. I am not sure why I decided to give it a shot again this year other than stupidity based on forgetting all the issue the last time I climbed. I am going to try something this year that I have never done, and vowed as a young climber that I would never do. I am going to start climbing on Friday instead of Saturday and camp overnight at what is called the “Lunch Counter”, a flat spot about half way up the mountain where there isn’t usually any snow because it all gets blown off. It will require climbing with a back pack with a tent, a warm sleeping bag, some food and water, setting up a little camp, hoping not to freeze to death in the night, finishing the climb on Saturday morning, then breaking camp and coming down. The reason is to give myself more time to climb up and come down than one day allows, also to help get adjusted to the altitude by camping at 10,000 feet. As I said, I have never done this before thinking it wasn’t necessary for real climbers who could easily do it in one day without the hassle of packing up a bunch of stuff on your back then packing it back. The biggest negative is that it gets very cold on Mt Adams at night at 10,000 feet, at least that is what I am told. We will see. It should make for a good blog post anyway.

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