Parkinson’s biofeedback

I started a program today of trying to gain some more progress with my Parkinson’s using biofeedback. It was very interesting today sitting in a chair with electrodes stuck all over my head watching all these brain waves on a big screen that were coming from my brain. It was even more interesting to see how it all changed when I moved my leg or arm or had one of my Parkinson tremors take place. The fellow I am working with was super nice and seemed very excited about working with me and helping me. This method of dealing with Parkinson’s is brand new and I am being somewhat of a Guinea Pig in this study that I am now a part of. It was quite fascinating listening to the Neurologist explain how my brain worked and see the evidence of it working on the big screen. I thought of the verse in Psalms 139 that says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God”

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