Angels and Demons

There are about 500 verses in the Bible on the topics of angels and demons, and I looked them all up, read them, thought about them, and wrote observations and conclusions from each of them in preparation for my teaching on the topic in my Theology and Doctrines class on Sunday morning at 10:15 am

Some people don’t believe in either angels or demons because they can’t see them, but many people have seen both, especially demons. I have several good friends who aren’t given to seeing things, making things up, or saying things to get attention, and both have seen demons, describing them as a black cloud or vapor the shape and size of an adult person. For me the greatest proof of the existence of a devil and his kingdom of darkness is the depth and extremeness of the evil that is in the world today, there must be a source and driver for all this wickedness.

I came up with about 50 observations from the verses that I studied but I will share just a handful here.

1. The angels of God and the demons of the devil, the kingdom of light and darkness, are fighting and warring continuously.

2. Whoever is winning the war that is being fought over our heads is who controls the affairs of the world in general and the affairs of the individuals who have no clue what is happening.

3. Our part in the whole scheme of things is to pray. When we pray God commission’s more angels to fight and supernaturally energizes the ones who are fighting. The more people who pray the more angels there are fighting against the darkness and the more power they will have to fight. When evil is gaining ground around us it is because there is a supernatural energy crisis because to many people are to busy to pray.

2 thoughts on “Angels and Demons

  1. JP

    I think the first time I saw demons I was about 16 years old and high on drugs. I believe with out a doubt God opened my eyes to the truth of things because I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior when I was about 12. Seeing several of these very ugly horrible spirits inside other people was an intense experience and certainly made an impact on the rest of my life. Demons mostly hide in people in my experience. I don’t know if I have a gift or if this was something that made me sensitive to the spiritual realm but since this happened I seem to have the ability to sense them and if I look I can see the demon or demons hiding behind the person’s face and eyes. It has happened on several occasions as an adult. They are mostly hideous creatures and I have intentionally had to look away from someone because it can be a unpleasant thing to see. I also often have what science calls night terrors, but what I recently discovered is it is from demons placing thoughts in my mind influencing my dreams. It only happens as I first fall asleep. As soon as deep sleep comes they can’t access my thoughts. I am just now learning how to conquer this affliction thanks to things I have learned in mens leadership class. I have had similar night terror experiences since I was a very young child which makes me think maybe I have a sensitivity to the spiritual realm. How does one find out if he has a spiritual gift?



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