Straighten me out

I went to a chiropractor this morning because of the neck pain I have been having for the last couple of months. I found out that he used to take piano lessons from my daughter Sarah before she was married and still lived at home. We had a nice conversation about the good old days and about people who we both new. Then he got to work fixing me. He did what he called an alignment and afterward my neck felt much better. Right now I am sitting in my recliner with ice on my neck trying to get things to feel even better.

I was thinking my life gets out of alignment,that is I let unimportant things take over the very important things. It happens gradually enough that I don’t notice, and then something happens to bring it to my attention. Wouldn’t it be nice if could just go to a spiritual chiropractor and he could give me an alignment and get everything back where it belonged. The best way for me to be my own chiropractor is to do some reflective thinking about who I am becoming and what I am doing that really matters and to make some choices and commitments to change some present out of aligned habits.,

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