A little over a year ago I went off of all refined sugar, 100%. I did it to improve my blood sugar level and to help with weight loss, but what I discovered in just 2 weeks was that my Parkinson’s improved dramatically. I had already discovered that exercise also helped a bunch so I started riding a stationary bike at least an hour every night. Between the two, no sugar and exercise I was doing pretty good in spite of the Parkinson’s. I still have it and it is progressing slowly, but I am keeping it under control with the diet and exercise and I have now increased my exercise to 90 minutes most nights rotating in weight lifting, tread mill, punching a heavy bag, and spending time on a rowing machine. So tonight when I got home from 3 days at the coast at a “Pastor’s Prayer Summit” Patty was gone to our daughter, Hanna’s place up in Washington, but next to my chair was a chocolate bar that was sugar free. As I ate it, enjoying every bite, I thought repeatedly, what a wonderful wife I have. Some sugar free stuff I have tried tastes terrible, but this chocolate bar was heavenly. I am sure she probably bought several, but as hard as I looked I couldn’t find where she hid them. It is probably a good thing or I would have eaten them all.

What does it mean to love someone? One of the things it means is that you work hard at making them happy. You think about what they like and enjoy in the way of experience, gifts, words and then you bring those things into their life at the perfect times. Actually, I think the timing is more important than the actual event or thing, which is such a major indicator of thoughtfulness. A little, sugar free chocolate bar probably cost about a dollar, but the timing was perfect and I feel very loved. Now, I need to think of something that I can do for Patty, I know, I will buy her something at the Sportsman’s Show in Portland that I am going to on Friday.😀

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