God’s Perfect Will and Plan for my Life pt 8

Principle #12 – knowing what God’s perfect will and plan for my life is, is not all about me, it is about all those other people around me who are at the center of God’s will for me.

Jesus said in John 4, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to accomplish the work that He gave Me to do”. That will and work was to die for the sins of the world so that that every person in the world could live in heaven forever. The will of the father for Jesus was for my sake.

So, in thinking through what God’s will is for my life I ask the question repeatedly, what difference will it make in the lives of others, what fruit will I bear, what changes will I make, and when I get to heaven will I see it in the lives of others who are there. Paul said in Philippians 1, “if I live on in the flesh this will mean fruitful labor for me”. That was the only reason Paul wanted to live, to do things that would result in the salvation and edification of others.

Finding God’s will for my life isn’t so that I can be more fulfilled, though I will be, it isn’t about being more happy, though I will definitely sense His pleasure in my life, it isn’t about my success, though nobody is as successful as the person who influences another person’s life for eternal change.

Our motive for what we do is so important to God. It determines how much power we will have, how much blessing from God we will have, and how many doors he will open or opportunities that He will give us. If our motive in knowing what God’s will is for us is all about us, we probably won’t have clue, but if our motive for discovering God’s perfect plan and will for our life is to save and edify others we will know exactly what it is.

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