God’s Perfect Will and Plan for my Life – 12 principles

Principle #1 – God has a perfect will and plan for my life.

Principle #2 – Inside the realm of God’s sovereignty I can choose to live outside God’s perfect plan either because of pride, self-sufficiency, rebellion, or ignorance.

Principle #3 – I will be successful and bear much fruit inside the will of God for my life, and I will fail and be miserable outside the realm of God’s perfect will and plan for my life. It doesn’t take a highly intelligent person to understand that principle.

Principle #4 – God wants me to know His will and plan for my life more than I want to know it, and it usually takes failing before I am motivated to seek His will.

Principle #5 – God expects that I am going to seek His will diligently, I won’t find it if I don’t. My ignorance of exactly what His will and plan is for my life is generally a result of apathy and laziness in seeking it.

Principle # 6 – God communicates His will to the person who He knows will actually do it.

Principle # 7 – The wise man will most often figure out what God’s will is.

Principle # 8 – God will reveal his will for my life to me through others in my life if I am humble enough to seek it from them.

Principle # 9 – Get close to God and do what you want

Principle # 10 – writing is an amazingly powerful tool to capture our random, unfocused, and fleeting thoughts, to sort them out, and to figure out the source of them.

Principle # 11 – A goal is the expression of a desire that is in my heart that I believe was put there by God

Principle #12 – knowing what God’s perfect will and plan for my life is, is not all about me, it is about all those other people around me who are at the center of God’s will for me.

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